Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Gift of Perseverance

killdeerMy brother, Jack made a remarkable observation on the gift of perseverance the other day. I'm pleased he's allowed me to share it with you.

With all the problems we see around us, disasters, financial, emotional, political, religious to list a very few. I was captivated the other day by the beauty and horror of nature.

I'd noticed many Killdeer all around the building that my company has reconstructed and is beginning to move into. I've always liked these little birds. They are ground birds similar to ocean shore Terns that run back and forth with the waves. One in particular has been nesting in pebbles right next to a patio near the entrance I usually use. She used to scream as I walked by but then got used to me going by I guess and just sat motionless, keeping an eye on me.

Last Friday when the sky opened up and there was an incredible downpour, I went to the window to watch for a minute. I noticed a Killdeer running across the driveway and jumping up the curb on the other side. "Running for cover" I thought. Then I saw this itty bitty tiny figure following her! About the size of a humming bird I would say. It raced across the driveway that was becoming a raging river and just couldn't make the jump up the new curb. The Mom ran back and forth encouraging it - but it could not make it.

I noticed a gap in the curb and hoped the little guy would find it but it ran the other way. I saw no gaps that way, only the street a few hundred feet away. It ran up and then back down. The Mom running back and forth with it! Then it found the gap and quickly went through. That's when I noticed that there was a small ditch on the other side! (Small to us but huge to the little bird!) It rushed in but was soon out of site. The Mom went "downstream" following it and then stopped, huddled near the bank. I could not tell if the baby had made it or drown! I watched a bit and then recalled the other mother I usually passed on the other side of the building. I went over there and looked but saw nothing. Nothing but pouring rain and pebbles and stones near the patio.

"Oh, poor thing" I was thinking. Then I saw her! Bravely huddled down among the stones still sitting on her eggs! What a gallant little animal! I hope her eggs hatch before the landscaping makes it to that part of the property!

On my way back to my office the rain stopped and as I passed the window I noticed the little bird again running across the driveway behind it's Mom! Dodging the landscaping vehicles that were coming to life after the rain as well. It looked to be the same one, so I tell myself it was. Killdeer usually start with 4-6 eggs so this was the Mom's last one. The other bird still sitting on the eggs luckily had four.

It was a reminder that nature is very tough on other inhabitants of this earth as well people. Yet they don't give up in frustration.

I'm sure, like my brother, you've witnesses similar acts of perseverance with other animals. The world is tough, it's as messy as it is beautiful, it's as brutal as it is merciful. Instincts keep most creatures focused on their goals. Fear is what keeps most people from their goals.

When you're in pursuit of a worthy goal, the world may throw a lot of obstacles in front of you. It's okay, expect them. You can even use some of them to help you. But never, ever give up.

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