Sunday, May 19, 2013

Self Promotion #BookPush

A bit of self promotion. 

Here's list of books and journals I've written which are available for download. 

The list is in a tweetable or other postable format, should you *cough* be so inclined to share individual titles with others.

Please enjoy.


Caffeinated Romance: Lyrics And Poems For Everyday People Who Fall In And Out Of Love:

Three Blinks And A Sigh; A Novel

He Loves It When She Smiles: A Novel

Trouble With Women: Five Short Stories


Perspectives, a 30 Day Journal to View Your World Differently:

Disposable Journal; Write it out and let it go:


Write Advice; Inspirations, tips and thoughts for Leaders and Artists:

Pushing Back the Ocean; Tide Turning Leadership Lessons

Go Get It! Your Guide to Finding Purpose, Setting Goals and Maintaining Success

Time for Change: A Quick Guide to Manage (Survive) Planned (Sudden) Change

So, I've Been Thinking; Seemingly Random Thoughts on Leadership

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pick a Direction and Start Moving

The world is full of directionless people. There is so much uncertainty and fear and doubt - you want to just curl up tight under a blanket until better days arrive.

If you think that way, that's all you see. However, if you're open to possibilities, creative thinking and have even a teaspoon of confidence, when you ask the powers in the universe for a sign you may find one, like I did yesterday.

Clear direction spelled out on the sidewalk under my feet. Sure, it was a message meant for someone else, but it spoke to me too.

Here's what I chose to see. Pick a direction and move in that direction.

What do you see? It will tell you a lot about your mindset.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Got Dread?

You know that lousy feeling you get in the pit of your stomach every time you think about a goal you're not working on even though it's important to you?

You might be disappointed in yourself. Maybe you're dwelling on things that are, or could go wrong. You might even fear success. It can all be boiled down into one word, dread

The way to get rid of it can be found in another word, accountability.

Specifically, a weekly check-in system that holds you accountable and keeps you on track toward your goal.

The Goal Factory, is a method of producing an achievement mindset that churns out progress week after week.

Wouldn't it be a relief to finally get rid of that dreadful feeling associated with procrastination? Imagine replacing anxiety with anticipation and rekindling the excitement you had over your great goal.

Learn how one objective, four weeks, eighty-eight dollars and the desire to stop deferring your dreams can build success by visiting: 
or contact me directly.