Sunday, May 19, 2013

Self Promotion #BookPush

A bit of self promotion. 

Here's list of books and journals I've written which are available for download. 

The list is in a tweetable or other postable format, should you *cough* be so inclined to share individual titles with others.

Please enjoy.


Caffeinated Romance: Lyrics And Poems For Everyday People Who Fall In And Out Of Love:

Three Blinks And A Sigh; A Novel

He Loves It When She Smiles: A Novel

Trouble With Women: Five Short Stories


Perspectives, a 30 Day Journal to View Your World Differently:

Disposable Journal; Write it out and let it go:


Write Advice; Inspirations, tips and thoughts for Leaders and Artists:

Pushing Back the Ocean; Tide Turning Leadership Lessons

Go Get It! Your Guide to Finding Purpose, Setting Goals and Maintaining Success

Time for Change: A Quick Guide to Manage (Survive) Planned (Sudden) Change

So, I've Been Thinking; Seemingly Random Thoughts on Leadership

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