Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 Best Excuses Worksheet

When people neglect pursuing their dreams they often create clever stories to justify their lack of progress. 
Sometimes they kick their feet along the floor and act apologetic. Frequently they minimize their commitment to their own goal. 
“Something else came up,” is a common refrain when what they did was prioritize trivial things over the things they once deemed as important. 
There is a word for the hearty defense they offer. It’s called an excuse. 
Some people have no shortage of excuses for why they didn't do what they know they should have done.
Well, don't fight it anymore. Instead, use this 10 Best Excuses Worksheet I’ve developed. 
To get started, brainstorm your 10 best excuses for not accomplishing the most recent thing you committed to accomplishing. 
Next, explain why this reason is not an excuse.
The rest of the sheet is self-explanatory.
When you’re done, you’ll essentially have two choices. 
  1. Either eliminate your goal, because you're not serious about achieving it.
  2. Eliminate your excuses, and turn them into obstacles to be met and overcome.

Regardless of your answer, don't dwell on it. Take action and move on.

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