Friday, July 13, 2012

Do Your Passions Overlap?

Sometimes when I'm surrounded by competing priorities, long to-do lists and neglected wish-lists, I feel stuck. So, I open up a notebook and see where my pen takes me. 

More often than not, I sketch a mind map that resembles a smashed spider. A splotch of something in the middle, surrounded by eight or so legs, each labeled in an attempt to either quiet my mind and organize my thoughts, or motivate me into action.

I usually keep these brainstorming notebooks and every once in a while I glance through them to reminisce and try to comprehend what my thinking was at the time. It surprised me that many of my pages contained variations of a Venn Diagram containing; Leadership, Business and Writing. 

These are not the only things I'm passionate about, but nearly every significant project that I've successfully pursued has taken place in the overlaps or sweet spot of these three themes.
There's a clue there.
What three things are you passionate about and how often do you craft your life to work on all of them simultaneously?

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