Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where to Invest Your Time

Here's a way to help ensure you're using Vision, Action and Passion in your daily life.

List 3-5 things you love to do.
List 3-5 things you do well. (Many people do things well, that they actually dislike doing)
List 2 things that you love to do AND that you do well. (even if you're not currently doing them)

List 3-5 things that support your purpose, or if you're not sure, your organizations mission.
List 2 things that serve the mission AND that you do well.
List 2 things that serve the mission AND you love.

If you had some redundancy that's okay, in fact, it's preferable, because what you want to do is find the activity that simultaneously serves your purpose, you do well, and you love doing. This may come easy to you, or you may struggle. Don't struggle too long, if you need to make a hunch go ahead.

Once you've identified this most lucrative activity, structure your days, weeks and months to do things that most support this. Delegate, or outsource the rest whenever possible.

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