Sunday, April 1, 2012

22 Things

  1. You can change how you feel anytime you want. Choose to be awesome.

  2. Listen to upbeat music, inspirational speeches, sermons, podcasts or books.

  3. Hang out with happy people.

  4. Write down the things that make you happy.

  5. Figure out how to spend more time with the things and people that lift your spirits.

  6. First, pay attention to what you regularly complain about, then shut up and fix it or just shut up. Your complaining is annoying.

  7. Identify five positive people and spend more time with each of them.

  8. Ask someone, “What one thing can I do for you that will most help you make a positive difference?” and then help them.

  9. Ask yourself, “Why am I still working here?” Is it for personal development, because of enriching experiences with others or to work on leaving a legacy? If it’s not clear, go someplace where it is.

  10. Fix what’s wrong. Just fix it, without fanfare, bragging or expectation.

  11. Write down or draw your picture of success.

  12. Ask for help, you probably need it and people like to be asked.

  13. Find the upside to your biggest challenge. Do that, and you’ve nearly conquered the thing.

  14. Do something that moves your mind, body and heart every day.

  15. What did you want to be when you grew up? Why? And now?

  16. List your ten best excuses for not pursuing your dreams. Let them stare back at you and mock you. Then cross them off as you work to eliminate your barriers.

  17. What are your top three accomplishments?

  18. Have a repeatable compelling vision and sense of purpose.

  19. Have a sense of overwhelming optimism.

  20. Ignore or crush any apathy or negativism you encounter.

  21. Recognize people for the good things they do.

  22. Believe in yourself and get to work.

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