Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Goal Factory Mini-Course

We are one quarter through the year. Have you achieved at least 25% of the goal you set for yourself in January? You did set a goal this year, right? Or did you put it off for some reason ... again?

If you'd assess yourself with 9's or 10's in the major areas of your life, don't read any further, you've got this "satisfied-living" thing mastered. However, if there's some dissatisfaction in your world, wouldn't it feel better to get control of it and accomplish at least one great goal this year?

If you think meeting with a coach takes too much time or is too expensive, keep reading because this program will challenge that thinking. 

For three years Karl Bimshas Consulting has helped people overcome hurdles that have prevented them from achieving their next level of success. As you know by now, helping people find the aha within is important to me. I have a thirst for making a difference in the life of others by helping them maximize their strengths and continuously improve themselves, their organization or our society.

The Goal FactoryOn April 15, 2012 I'm launching an email only mini-course called, The Goal Factory.
It's based on a highly effective process that makes maximum progress in a short amount of time. This 10 part course takes the basic content found in my face-to-face coaching sessions and delivers them to your inbox.

You'll receive thought-provoking questions that lead you to assess what you want to do, have, or be and then learn the specific steps to take to achieve your next great goal. Here's a quick outline: 
  • Introduction of The Goal Factory.
  • How to find your next Great Goal through Goal Discovery.
  • Your Life Harmony Audit.
  • Your Values Finder and How to use your values to guide your vision.
  • Act with Purpose.
  • Make Your Great Goal Real.
  • Your Personal Inventory.
  • Anticipate Change.
  • Create a Great Team for High Performance.
  • Your Feedback. 

Although it makes sense to complete the course chronologically, you can take as much or as little time as you want. There's no hourly fee!

This course doesn't include the direct face to face interaction that my coaching clients typical receive. No one will 'nag' you, so completing the actions in this mini-course are 100% your responsibility. It's also private so there is no iterative approach to solving a problem or deciding on your next course of action.  

Those are things you don't get, but what you will receive is the same great core content, at a fraction of the price engaging in an Accountability Partner Agreement would normally cost.

Great results have come through the one-on-one sessions and I'd like as many people as possible to be exposed to the content, but meeting with everyone who is interested in developing their potential even further isn't feasible. That's why I've decided to offer this email mini-course. I've seen too many people defer their dreams because ...   
  • They haven't translated them into goals.
  • They have too many vague goals.
  • They don't manage their time or value their personal growth.
  • They don't feel like they have enough resources to get what they want.
  • They're afraid of what happens if they succeed.
Those are tragic excuses. Help me turn the tide in how people find, set and get their goals. If this isn't for you at this time, kindly to someone you care about.  

You should know, this isn't a risk free opportunity.  
You might learn something about yourself, which could be exciting or empowering and that experience scares many people.

Register for this email based training today and secure your spot for this unique email mini-course that will help you discover the aha within.  

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