Friday, June 13, 2008

Can Gen X Lead?

I posted this question on LinkedIN earlier in the week and have been getting some great responses.

"Do you feel those in Generation X (let’s say the core being born between 1965-1975) now aged 33-43 are not willing to accept leadership challenges?

Every generation is often critical of the preceding and the next. There seems to be a fair number of editorials and frustrations that state either this generation is not accepting the mantle of leadership in society, or is not being offered it as Boomers are hanging on tighter and Gen Y has greater enthusiasm.

It strikes me that the combination of new media (web 2.0) and the rapidly changing world, the environment is rich for Gen X style leadership. Are they reluctant or just still misunderstood?

If you are from this generation, do you want to lead, or do you feel burdened by it?"

What do you think? Join the conversation.

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