Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who is Sponsoring Your Day?

During a recent weekend getaway with my family, I learned something new from a kid's show. Early one predawn morning my son figured out the hotel's television remote control and stealthily tuned into "Sesame Street", which I was able to spy from the comfort of my bed and through one bleary eye.

For those who have no idea, (and shame on you if you don't) Sesame Street is the famous educational children's television series on PBS. Most everyone from Generation X and younger grew up with it and have a favorite character from Kermit the Frog, to Grover, Big Bird, and Oscar the Grouch, to Elmo. Although the characters and storylines have changed over time, at least one thing has remained constant for the 39 years that it's been on the air; a letter and a number sponsor each show. The selected letter and number are integrated throughout the episode, just like product placement ads on "American Idol". Although different, both serve the same purpose, to reinforce a message.

It got me thinking. Who is sponsoring your day? What two or three thoughts, objectives, or ideals are you flashing on and reminding yourself about multiple times during your day? What would you like to reinforce that will help keep you on track toward your goal? Is it joy and humor or hate and discontent? Do you plan on living a day filled with generosity and understanding or will you just go with the flow, rudderless and subject to the winds and tides or someone else's whim?

Start to consider having your days brought to you by sponsors that move you closer to your goals by living your values. Do you know your values? I've posted 425 words for you to browse at Each one of them represents a value. Some of the words will be more meaningful for you than others. Checkmark the ones that solicit a response from you. They are clues to your personal values. Each day, pick a couple of the words you checked, and commit to living the idea it represents. When days are tough, make the effort to search for it in all you do. Show it to others. Have those words sponsor your day and soon you will be racing toward your goals faster than you had imagined.

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