Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Giving Thanks Freely

There's been no shortage of bad public behavior in the last few weeks. From civic events and sporting matches to awards shows, few have been immune from ill-conceived and embarrassing outbursts. If rudeness is a pre-existing condition, it may be time for some preventative behavioral medicine. Too often, we forget to show gratitude or kindness.

Some people don’t get excited by the Kumbaya moments of life. Their philosophy is “Just do your job.” If someone does more than they’re supposed to – that’s when you tip your hat with thanks.

While I agree we needn’t throw a parade every time we tie our shoelaces correctly, I sure would have liked one the first time I did! We need to praise progress. Encourage each other. Recognize what’s right. This is basic stuff. Saying please and thank you, being polite and showing gratitude.

Being in a state of gratitude is good for both giver and receiver. How many ways can you say “Good Job!” Here are 132 to start with, so no more excuses. Look over the list and find the phrases that you’re most comfortable with and use them often with your family, children and colleagues.

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