Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introducing The Write Goal

Write Goal PackageHow to Finally Get Your Writing Project Written

I wanted to make sure readers of the Reflections on Leadership blog were among the first to know about a new offering I'm adding to my consultancy.

The program is titled; The Write Goal; How to Finally Get Your Writing Project Written.

I've come across so many people filled with desire to start their writing project. Nearly everyone I come across has a book in them but few can get it out.

With The Write Goal you'll explore the why of your project. You'll be able to discern what's keeping you from your writing goal and what will pull you closer to it.

Using similar goal getting principles that have helped executive leaders get things done and high performing teams stay focused on their goal, The Write Goal replaces the disappointment you've been enduring with productive insights you can put to work immediately.

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry or Prose, nearly everyone has a book in them, but very few can get it out.  This self study course helps you get it done at your own pace. Click here to learn More about The Write Goal.

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