Friday, October 29, 2010

Part 1 - Your Values Finder

The acceptance of mediocrity has become epidemic. This three part series will help you find ways to combat it's debilitating impact on your life.


Your Values Finder
We'll start the series with your values. When you don't know what your values are your decision-making is haphazard. Instead of leading you closer to your great goals, random decisions take you off track. If you want to know what you currently value the most simply check where you spend your time and money.

Here is a link to a workbook titled, "Your Values Finder" which is designed to help you confirm or select your important values.

You may be thinking you don't need this for yourself. That's okay, you can still help by getting this workbook into the hands of others. Perhaps a young family, college students or someone who may appear to be floundering a bit. Please share with me how the workbook has helped you and who you think it could benefit.

Knowing your core values is the first step in beating back mediocrity. The next is defining your purpose and making it addictive, which will be the topic of the next Reflections on Leadership post.

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