Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Yet? - New Online Coaching Program

Online Coaching.001If you’re active and get regular exercise, eat healthy food, are extremely satisfied with your personal relationships, are optimistic and enthusiastic about what’s next ...

have done a lot of the things you’ve wanted to do in life, feel like you manage yourself well and are in control of your future, are well organized ...

feel you have the amount of money you should; and are paid what you think you’re worth, good for you!

Your with the top 2% of people who are happy and feel successful. Hopefully you’re sharing your gifts of achievement with others.

However, you might be feeling like your floundering in the pool with the other 98% of people. Maybe you want to improve some of the stuff from above or maybe there’s something else you’ve wanted to accomplish.

All you know for sure is that something’s not quite right. You’ve been feeling disillusioned and discouraged, confused and frustrated, maybe overwhelmed because you’ve been deferring your important goals.

  • What would it feel like to know you’re actively working on fulfilling your dreams?

  • Imagine being able to wake up in the morning and feel sure of yourself, your decisions and your direction.

  • What would it feel like to no longer defer your dreams?

  • How long have you been promising yourself you will work on your personal goals, yet continue to have trouble getting started?

  • How different would your life be if you suddenly had a great goal you were committed to working on each day?

  • What kind of new experiences would come into your life if you could use the power of vision, passion and action to achieve the things you want and need?

The right accountability partner can help you do that and more.

Some people spend thousands of dollars on personal development programs that are heavy on storytelling but light on tangible actions you can do right away.

Don’t get me wrong, I gladly accept thousands of dollars from people in return for helping them to live the life they want, but that’s not what this is about. This is about introducing you to my method of Life Coaching Services through extremely affordable online coaching.

Many people consider working with a coach but are unsure of commitment requirements or the investment of time and money. Here’s a low risk solution. A new online program egotistically called “Your Introduction to Online Coaching with Karl Bimshas Consulting.” (Register Here)

I’m the founder of Karl Bimshas Consulting, a results driven personal and professional consulting firm for talented Leaders and Artists who want to achieve more. I’ve authored several personal development books and programs including:

  • "Pushing Back the Ocean: Tide Turning Leadership Lessons"

  • "How to Stay When You Want to Quit: Re-scripting your life from whiner to winner"

  • "Write Advice; Inspirations, tips and thoughts for Leaders and Artists”

  • “The Disposable Journal; Write it out and let it go”

  • “The Write Goal” and "The Reflections on Leadership Memo"

With an M.S. in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego and a B.A. in Mass Communication from Emerson College in Boston, I’ve previously held several operational and sales leadership positions in public and private corporations.

I’m driven to lead and inspire leaders and artists to maximize their unique strengths and continuously improve themselves, their organization and society, by bringing the powers of vision, passion and action to each endeavor.

Does this sound familiar to you?

“I had been feeling rather lost with regards too my life and what I wanted the future to look like. I didn't have a plan nor did I know were to start. Karl listened to my thoughts, aspirations and helped me direct t hat into real action.”

- Donnie Staples (Read more testimonials here)

Too many people live life without a plan, or even the knowledge of where to start. That’s why I’m excited about this online coaching program.

Online Coaching is for people who want to improve their focus, make the best use of their time and grow their personal and professional development.

With online coaching you can expect a regular response from me, enabling you to clarify where you are now, where you want to get to, and practical actions you need to take to get you there. I’ll prompt you with additional questions, tools and customized suggestions which will give you insight and further impetus to succeed in your goals. You simply complete each session as guided by me as your “coach”.

Why is online coaching valuable?

  • You have time to think before you answer questions, getting far better insight than when giving your gut response in a face to face exchange.

  • The act of writing (or typing) your answers and committed actions helps you to clarify what you are really doing and thinking. You’re far more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down.

  • You can complete your online coaching at a time that suits you. So if you get busy with family or work commitments, you can complete your coaching sessions when it’s convenient for you from the comfort of your own home or office.

  • Online coaching is considerably more affordable than appointment driven telephone or face-to-face coaching.

  • Your coaching notes are all kept on one secure website so you can return to previous sessions for reflection and review.

Here’s your chance to save 50%

I wasn’t joking about the savings available through this introductory program. Invest only $250 and still work directly with Karl Bimshas Consulting as your online accountability partner for six sessions set at your own pace.

  • Gather and understand your initial goals.

  • Dig deeper into your multidimensional life.

  • Learn how to handle concerns as you make the time to work on your goals.

  • Create SMART GOALS to keep you focused.

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Review your pace of accomplishment and decide your next step.

At half the price of regular face to face consulting

you should get started on your New Year’s goals before everyone else.

There are 20 slots available before December 31, 2010, so if you’re ready to take action, do so soon.

A-ha Guarantee

Act today and here’s my guarantee. Upon the completion of the six online sessions you will have greater clarity on your initial goal, a better understanding of your multidimensional life and a specific goal to work on. If none of these cause you to have an a-ha realization, I’ll refund your money.

Here’s how you get started.

  • You can “Register Now” on this page.

  • Once you click the link above you’ll be sent to a registration page where you create your Username, Password, Email, First and Last Name.

  • Click the Sign Up button. This will open the PayPal webpage where you key in your information so you can easily buy, “Your Introduction to Online Coaching.”

  • Once you complete the purchase you’ll see the Welcome Page to the online coaching program and you can then begin your online coaching.

Haven’t you deferred your dreams long enough?

Why wait until another New Year to start on your goals?

Think of it this way. If you invest in this six session program and use the tools to discover your real wants and needs, anticipate change and assess your strengths, you’ll have more clarity around your goals so you can plan for the future with confidence. Or, if you choose to do nothing but keep the status quo, you could still be in the same place you are today three, six, even twelve months from now. Why delay working on your great goal?

Take action now -- because the chances are too great that with the holiday hustle and bustle you’ll forget about all the immense potential this introductory offer can bring you. Greater success is waiting for you. Go get it!

Register Here

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