Tuesday, November 23, 2010

gratitudesIn this special Reflections on Leadership, Your Thanksgiving Survival Guide and "Happy Yet?" A new online coaching program

The Gratitude Issue

The week of Thanksgiving should be filled with gratitude. Sometimes, after long flights (or long fights) once we are with family and friends, we take the things we hold most dear for granted. Think of this as a quick survival guide. Below are links to five blog posts that will provide you with an a-ha.

Give Thanks Freely: Includes a link to "132 Ways to say, Well Done." CLICK HERE

Find What's Right Day: Use your R.A.S to have a better day. CLICK HERE

Toasts, Blessings and Proverbs to Help Celebrate: Free eBook

40 Things I'm Grateful For: A template you can use to lift your spirits CLICK HERE

Make It A Perfect Day
: How to get three 10s CLICK HERE

Happy Yet? - Online Coaching
In addition to the five articles above I'm pleased to share a new program for people who want to engage in life coaching but have been unsure of the time commitments or expense.

"Your Introduction to Online Coaching with Karl Bimshas Consulting"

The perfect way to get a head start on your New Year goals. CLICK HERE

And remember the online store, Write Advice. It's got the perfect garb for leaders and artists.

I appreciate your continual support and I'm thankful that you continue to find value in the words I share.

Keep smiling,


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