Monday, August 29, 2011

Random Passage from "Three Blinks and a Sigh"

I've been slowly reviewing an early draft of my new fiction book. I'll use this space to periodically post a random passage from "Three Blinks and a Sigh". Some will be good, some I may just think are good and some might be dreadful examples of late night writing.

I'll post, you decide.

"He attempted to lift off his wet tee-shirt. His six-pack had long since receded into more of a smooth liter bottle. His stomach rolled slightly over his belt and clung like the edge of a homemade cake burdened with too much frosting. He shook his head, disappointed with the discovery. He unfastened his belt and waited for his pants to fall, but they did not. They remained clung to his hips and legs. He rolled his eyes and attempted to take off his shoes by stepping on the heel. A bad move if he wanted to preserve any sartorial decorum, but also foolhardy since he was wearing laced Bostonians. He lost his balance and fell hard to the floor."
-From Three Blinks and a Sigh, by Karl Bimshas 

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