Monday, February 6, 2012

Career Planning Step Two

Career Planning Step Two
Here’s the second step of the Career Guidance Process I use with clients. Remember, career planning is a continuous process. You are the one who decides in advance how, when, and where to take specific actions that will lead you closer to where you want to go. The following questions will help you organize your thoughts around your career planning objectives, strengths, areas of opportunity and personal development.

  1. What positions or fields of work interest you?

  2. Do you want to specialize or generalize?

  3. Where do you want to be in two years? In five years?

  4. Are these realistic given your current abilities?

  5. What do you do well?

  6. What do you not do so well?

  7. What do you enjoy doing?

  8. What specific work situations help or hinder your productivity?

  9. Do you consider yourself reasonably qualified for the type of work you’re interested in?

  10. What training or development do you feel you need to be better prepared?

  11. What are you currently doing to develop yourself? (i.e. Education, Reading, Professional Associations.)

  12. What additional knowledge, experience or skills do you need to acquire in order to perform better in your current job and meet your career objectives?

  13. What can you do to acquire the additional knowledge, experience and skills and is it worth the sacrifice of time and effort?

  14. Are you willing to move laterally to gather additional experience?

  15. How could your current manager help in your growth and development?

  16. How do you feel about moving to another location?

  17. How much traveling are you willing to do if required?

Are you heading the the direction you've intended?

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