Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free Chapter

I would be delighted for you to read the first chapter of my next novel, He Loves It When She Smiles, which will be available later this year. 

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About He Loves It When She Smiles 
Determined to start with a clean slate, freshman Kyle Davis heads off to Boston’s Klondike College. His academic studies quickly take a back seat when his crush on a flirty co-ed with a mesmerizing smile leads him down an unexpected path. His new-found friends provide Kyle with a plethora of unsolicited dating advice, all of which cause him to flounder. Confused and discouraged, he finally hears the one voice he should have been listening to all along.

Bittersweet, funny and believable dialogue peppered throughout the story will make you simultaneously laugh and cringe over the series of crazy missteps the young characters make.

He Loves It When She Smiles is the second novel by Karl Bimshas, whose Three Blinks and a Sigh debuted in early 2012. Both books, set in the city of Boston, explore difficult relationships with fun characters engaged in conversations you’ll swear you’ve overheard yourself.

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