Tuesday, December 18, 2012

8 Ways You Know How to Think Differently

Leaders, Artists and Entrepreneurs think differently. That’s one of the reasons they sometimes stand out from the crowd. The crowd often settles, content with how things are, or are more comfortable lamenting about how things were. 

Leaders, Artists and Entrepreneurs like comfort too, but in smaller and more frequent doses. They know too much comfort leads to complacency and a false sense of certainty. 

Leaders, Artists and Entrepreneurs know there are at best, three certainties in life. We will all die, we will all be taxed, and we will all face uncertainty. People who like to be certain are on a fools errand. 

Leaders, Artists and Entrepreneurs are filled with uncertainty. The difference is it doesn’t immobilize them it emboldens them. The tools at their disposable are no different from those anyone else has access to. It has to do with their way of thinking. 

  • They think in terms of possibility by asking, If
  • They think of discernment by asking, Which
  • They consider time by asking, When
  • They consider place by asking, Where
  • They consider the thing itself by asking, What
  • They think about motivate by asking, Why
  • They consider the means by asking, How
  • They think about the person or group by asking, Who

Equipped with these questions, and open to what they uncover, you’ll find intriguing alternatives and new ways of facing old problems. If you haven’t already adopted this type of thinking, you ought to consider doing so. Every day. Every time you face uncertainty.

A word of caution, when you begin faithfully thinking this way, you will begin to stand out from the crowd as a Leader, Artist or Entrepreneur. 

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