Monday, December 17, 2012

Get Your IT Together

There is something in your life that could use some improving. Innovation is one of the best ways to solve a problem and that means using creativity. First, define what your IT is.

  • For someone in sales, IT might be the product or service they are selling.
  • For a parent, homeowner or child, IT could be chores.
  • For the student, homework.
  • For the writer, IT could be your main character’s motive or primary challenge.
  • For the entrepreneur, something better to serve the marketplace.

You get the idea. What’s your IT?

After you’ve defined your IT, explore these six ways of looking at it differently. This is brain storming, so jot all your ideas down without judgement. Your objective is to collect new ways of looking at IT.

Think about ways you could
  • Combine IT with something else
  • Adapt IT to be more useful
  • Substitute IT for something else, (or something else for IT)
  • Magnify IT to make it bigger
  • Shrink IT to make it smaller
  • Rearrange IT to look at it from a different angle?

If you list 10 ideas with each method, the crazier the better, you’ll have 60 new ideas you wouldn’t have come up with otherwise. Now you can rate these ideas. Look for the ones that you think could be effective and relatively easy to implement. You’ll probably find 4-6 contenders, but you really only need just one. One good idea effectively acted on can solve your problem and improve your life. 

What are you waiting for, a worksheet? Okay, you can download one here: Creative Thinking Worksheet

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