Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Create a Repeatable Compelling Vision


Leadership is about inspiring people and lifting them up – not tiring people and putting them to sleep.

If you're running an organization of any size, make sure it has a repeatable compelling vision and sense of purpose.

If possible you should have a clear and concise singular vision. You want to get to a point that nearly every activity the organization tackles is linked toward supporting that compelling vision. Make it memorable and repeatable so that every message, action and strategy you engage in supports the purpose with an obvious connection.

Word and promote the vision in a way that others can understand, support, be excited by, grow some passion around, and be inventive in discovering numerous ways to achieve it. 

Too often people spend too much time and energy trying to create a literary masterpiece instead of a clear, easy to follow and understand vision. It’s a terrible waste of resources.

Does your organization have a repeatable compelling vision and sense of purpose? (If it does, what is it?)

Does it excite you or anyone else?

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