Friday, March 1, 2013

2nd Novel - He Loves It When She Smiles

I am thrilled to announce the release date of my second novel, He Loves It When She Smiles.

You may know that I've written several business and motivation books that have helped leaders, artists and entrepreneurs to find, set and get their great goals and discover the aha within themselves. My fiction writing supports this mission in a more subtle way.

What's it about?
He Loves It When She Smiles, is a bittersweet and humorous romance set in 1980s Boston.

Determined to escape suburbia and start with a clean slate, freshman Kyle Davis heads off to Klondike College. His academic studies quickly take a back seat to the slow blooming crush he's developed on a flirty co-ed with a captivating smile. His new friends provide a glut of unsolicited dating advice but can't prevent his continually floundering. Confused, discouraged and rejected he finally hears one voice he should have been listening to all along.

You'll be hooked by the immediately likable and intriguing characters. Roommate Adam has an obsessive attention to detail. The girls across the hall, Sandy and Casey, are offbeat, hip and blunt. Classmate Pete is always ready with a terse quip laced with logic. Pete's roommate, Donny Rifkin is the campus Romeo. And Laura Ripley, is a look-alike of Kyle's favorite singer, with a smile that mesmerizes him.

They all interact through vivid dialogue so real you'll think you're eavesdropping.

I would be delighted if you bought this novel from Amazon's Kindle Store this Saturday, 03-02-13 at 4pm EST

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