Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten Ways Modern Leaders and Artists Become Findable

easter_egg_hunt The Pony Express would be celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, were it still in existence, but it’s not.  It lasted for 18 months before being replaced by the telegraph.  Now, when did you last send a telegraph?

Successful leaders and artists know that the world has changed and more change is inevitable.  Hopefully you’re doing things differently today than you were five years ago.  It’s certain you will be doing things dramatically different three years from now.  We live in a tumultuous time.  Many choose to be excited by it, while for others, particularly those who hold on to their old ways, fear is the predominate emotion.

We’ve seen it before from those who were in the horse and buggy business, or the American railroads, and recently, the music, newspaper and publishing industries.  Technology has again given way to innovation, opening new worlds, helping level the playing field and leaving those unable or unwilling to adjust to fade and fail.  We are living through a high level of change today.  Compounding that are the generational, philosophical and ideological shifts taking place.  I completely understand and empathize with the fear many feel.  Not confronting that fear or simply denying the reality of the changes is what pisses me off.

Today, as always, leaders and artists like you need to be findable to provide whatever it is you offer to others who are looking for you.  If you’re not findable you won’t be found; there’s just too much competing noise.  If you’re still of the mindset that you are in control of the message your customers hear, get some fresh batteries for your pager in case last century tries to get in touch with you. If you know that the basics of forming a relationship haven’t changed, but the expectations and findability needs have, then there’s hope for you.  There are a few things you can do to catch up while there’s still time.  Your primary role in communications as a leader and artist is to educate people about what you have available so they can tell others.

Here are a few things that leaders and artists ought to have to help become findable.

  1. A clear and concise one sentence explanation of who you are, what you do and why you do it.

  2. An easily repeatable mission, vision or mantra.

  3. A persuasive reason why someone should invest their time, treasure or talent with you.

  4. A list of the primary keywords other people use to find you and people like you.

  5. An ability to use analytic tools to look at the effectiveness of your web presence.

  6. A well-managed email mailing list with an easy way for people to sign-up.

  7. An ability to use search engine optimization audit tools to fix potential problems.

  8. An ability to easily accept online transactions.

  9. An array of action-oriented letters and marketing materials that describe what you do.

  10. Active accounts on the major and relevant social networks with a username reflecting the name of your organization or a meaningful domain name with links back to your website.

Get rid of the barriers between you and prospective clients who want to find you.  Contact Karl Bimshas Consulting to help you build an action plan, organize your web marketing efforts and make  you and your company more findable.

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