Monday, March 29, 2010

What's so FAB about you?

YRUFAB.001Everything in life has features, advantages and benefits.

Features are sometimes called technical specs.  These are the things the product or service has.  A washing machine with five speeds.  The nightclub that provides only A-list performers, the airline that offers warm towels to passengers on red eye flights.

Advantages are the things that the product or service has that others don’t or they provide exceptionally better than anyone else.  The washing machine that’s available in four jewel toned colors, the nightclub that has a frequent guest VIP program, the airline that doesn’t charge you for the niceties.

Benefits are the things that people consider valuable.  It may not be unique to you, but it’s very personal and it’s how people make their decisions.  What’s the benefit?  You’re a designer and need a stylish red washing machine, or you collect autographs of top musicians for your ailing mother or you like to go straight to work after an overnight flight and want to feel refreshed and ready to go.  It’s easier to make a decision when you know the benefits.

That’s how it works in business everyday.  Now, what about you personally?  You have to “sell” yourself everyday to prospective employers, customers, maĆ®tre d's, loan officers.  The list goes on.   So, what’s FAB about you?  Give it some thought.

What are your Features?
What do you know?  What are your core values and beliefs?  What do you stand for?

What are your Advantages?
What do you offer your world that others can’t do nearly as well as you can?  What skills make others think of you first?

What Benefits do you bring?
What value will the people who are looking for you gain?  This takes self confidence.  You need to know yourself well, and you’ll need to discover what your audience needs.

Lead with your benefits, this is what people base their decisions on.  Then shore up your advantages and features, because if people feel the need to justify their decision about you, that’s where they will look.  If you don’t have anything there, they will quickly change their mind.  They will look there for validation, so keep them happy.  Do the work and you’ll feel FAB.

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