Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seven Simple Truths

7SimpleTruths.001Here are a collection of my original a-ha’s I first penned fourteen years ago during a cross-county flight.  I called them the Seven Simple Truths.

1. It’s better to be good. I don’t mean pious, I mean knowing ethical behavior and common sense manners. Knowing you’re values and acting in accordance to them.

2. Cause and effect works in every event whether we choose to believe it or not. Everything happens for a reason and the reason is a reaction to what has already occurred.

3. We all need to give more. We need to give more of our time, our energy our thoughts, our ideas, our talents, ourselves -- more of everything imaginable.

4. Anything is possible. Everything that exists today that was created by man was once a foolish idea that most people thought would never work. The truth of the matter is everything is possible. Every problem is solvable. Every epidemic is curable and every thirst quenchable. We have the power and the ability to abolish poverty, to end starvation, to resolve conflict without bloodshed. With patience, perseverance and focused thinking we can accomplish any goal. It may not be easy, but it can be done.

5. The body and mind must be exercised. The body must guard our mind and our mind must inspire our body. While in this form they rely on each other.

6. Being happy is better than being sad.  Both are emotions, and emotions are not right or wrong.  They are the by-products of an action. Therefore it’s better to do things that make you positive and upbeat. Always smile, laugh and inquire like a child.

7. Know what you want. It is simply that easy. Just knowing what it is you want to accomplish sends you way ahead of the indecisive pack.

Think more.  Do more.  Give more.  See more.  Be more.  Laugh more.  And know that anything is possible.

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