Sunday, February 13, 2011

1-4-3 Great Goal

Great Goal Discovery.001

In 1894 a flashing lantern was installed on the lighthouse at Minot's Ledge, about 20 miles southeast of Boston Harbor. The pulsating pattern, “1-4-3” soon developed into romantic folklore. It symbolized a coded message sent from the lighthouse keeper to his wife and family back on shore, “I-LOVE-YOU”.

There seems no better time than Valentine’s Day to announce a sweetheart deal for leaders and artists who want to discover their next great goal.

Too many people live life without a plan or even the knowledge of where to start. That’s why I’m excited about the Great Goal Discovery online coaching program.

The biggest value of online coaching is that you can complete your sessions at a time that suits you. If you’re busy with family or work commitments, you can complete your coaching sessions when it’s convenient for you from the comfort of your own home or office.

The Great Goal Discovery online coaching program is considerably more affordable than appointment driven telephone or face-to-face coaching. Invest only $143 and work at your own pace directly with me as your accountability partner.

  • Gather and understand your current goals.

  • Dig deeper into your multidimensional life with a Life Harmony Audit.

  • Create Great Goals to keep you focused.

  • Take inventory of your resources.

  • Review your pace of accomplishment and decide your next step.

Click here to learn more.

Haven’t you deferred your dreams long enough?

Take action now. Great success is waiting for you. Go get it!

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