Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your Inspiration Likes Attention

Inspire RiverDo you remember when you last felt inspired? Did you do anything with that feeling? Inspiration often feels elusive, particularly to those who pursue creative fields. We name it our muse, and often go off in search of it like it were a mythical creature.

Inspiration, like most of us, enjoys attention and doesn’t appreciate being ignored. Have you noticed that those who find inspiration easily also find it often? That’s because they honor their inspiration. When it shows up they pay attention and take action. That’s not to say that ever piece of inspiration leads us down the path we’d naturally choose, but many times it does. The problem is, we ignore it far too often.

Inspiration doesn’t usually come on your schedule. It arrives at inconvenient times, like in the shower, or in the middle of the night, or when waiting in line and you don’t have a pen. Your heart races, your eyes widen and you are struck in that flash by what seems like the best idea you’ve ever had. It might be. But just as quickly as it comes to you, it disappears. Inspirations are ethereal things. Our job is to make them concrete. To take action. Any action.

I like the word inspiration and have thought of it as “in spirit”. It literally means “breathed upon” which has a divine quality to it. It’s when you hear your inner voice, or the universe or even God whispering a hint to you. When you give it that kind of weight it seems wrong to waste the experience.

People can find conduits for inspiration. A good book, a fascinating lecture or seminar; maybe for you it’s through surfing or taking a hike in nature. For others it’s stimulating conversation with friends, or in some cases, adversaries. Inspiration is all around us, constantly. Regardless of your belief system, every moment of the day we are “breathed upon” by forces greater than us.

Make time today and everyday to catch some of that inspiration and then act upon it’s message. Sometimes you will stumble, but no worse than if you ignore it outright. So take immediate action, even if it’s simply making note of the aha within. Don’t wait for inspiration to move you but always be moved by inspiration.

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