Monday, January 24, 2011

Your Goal Planner Worksheet

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By now all the pressure to identify your 2011 goals has passed. You either have them, or you don’t. If you don’t, it’s not too late. You can set goals anytime you want. If you’ve already established your goals for the year, good on you. Let’s turbo charge what you have so far.

Attached is a goal planner worksheet that will help you organize your thoughts and serve as a blueprint for achieving your goals.

On the top of the worksheet there’s space to include your purpose or personal mission statement and your top values. Along the left side column are eight main dimensions of your life; Financial, Career, Health, Relationships, Recreation, Contribution, Personal and Education.

Many people spend their energy trying to balance their life. Don’t. Strive for harmony instead. Place one or two complementary goals for each dimension of your life. You’ll find your chances of achieving more increases dramatically.

For the remaining columns there are two paths you can take. Basic, which is the minimum you should do, or Advanced, which required a little more thought but also increases your clarity and speed in achieving your goals.

1. Decide on the specific things that you want to do, have or be during the year.
Basic: Create a SMART Goal for each dimension of your life.
Advanced: Phrase the SMART Goal as a question beginning with “Why.

2. Determine the purpose of each goal.
Basic: Describe why you want to achieve each goal.
Advanced: Describe why you want to achieve each goal and how you imagine you’d feel once you did.

3. Do the actions that need to be done?
Basic: Create a basic task list of things to be done to help achieve the goal.
Advanced: Include the financial and personal resources you need to achieve each goal.

4. Deadline when the goal will be done?
Basic: Simply stack rank your 1, 3, 5 or 10 year goals
Advanced: Have a specific date in which you plan to achieve each goal by.

If all this seems like too much work too bad. It’s very rare for a goal to show up on your doorstep neatly wrapped with a bow.

Goals are messy business. They involve thinking and effort and negotiation and involvement. If you want to work on wishes, save your coins and spend a day or two at your local wishing well. If you want to work on your goals and by definition, your life get started. If you want help let me know.

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