Monday, November 7, 2011

Fannies, Faith and Other People's Goals

Sitting outside, enjoying my overpriced coffee and editing a piece of work over the weekend I was distracted by three lessons that simultaneously converged around me.
Lesson One: Fannies
Earlier I had noted three generations of women, clearly related, entering the store. They were all tall, blonde and attractive for their respective ages. Now, as they left I found humor, and maybe delight in the bar graph they inadvertently created as they walked in a row, oldest to youngest. Amazingly, they were all the same height. The young looking grandmother had her hair down and wore a long cardigan that draped just above her knees. The mother, also had her hair down but wore an oversized sweater that covered her buttocks. The college aged daughter had her hair in a ponytail and wore spandex pants with a jacket that stopped at above her waist.
Moral: As people get older they tend to cover up their assets.
Lesson Two: Faith
The store and surrounding parking lot crawled with people in green and yellow football jerseys. This infuriated one Charger fan in a blue and white jersey with bolts on his shoulders. He turned to his friend who was dressed in church clothes.
“They’re not real Cheeseheads, they’re just jumping on the bandwagon because the Packers are 7 and 0,” he said. 
“They’re winning,” his friend replied.
“They’re not faithful,” Bolt Man replied.
“Faithful to what? People don’t follow losers.”
“They’re top in the division”
“They’re 4 and 3,” his friend explained, “That’s not 7 and 0.”
Moral: When you perform .571 of the time many people feel let down and lose faith in you.
Lesson Three: Other People’s Goals.
A couple was walking toward their vehicle. The man looked beleaguered and besieged as he headed to the driver’s side of his truck. All I heard was the woman say, “Here’s your goal for the week...”
They doors slammed shut before I could hear anything else.
Moral: You may feel like you’re driving, but if other people are dictating what your goals should be, you’re really not.

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