Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Monday?

Happy Monday?

How's your day going? Did you sleep well last night, or did you toss and turn with the prospect of another Monday morning?

If you view the start of the week with anxiety instead of anticipation, that's a hint that you're on the wrong track. Everyone has up and down days, but if your down days are predominately Mondays, it's probably time to change what you do on Mondays.

We often think change has to be a big scary, well planned and executed event. Not always. Often change comes with the slight alteration of a habit.

I used to dread mornings in my house. It was a frenetic obsticle course to ensure everyone ate, got dressed properly, brushed their teeth and did everything else in the morning routine. It was never the peaceful and idealic scenes so often depicted in Disney movies.

A few months ago we created a breakfast menu. Now everyone knows what they're having for breakfast on what day of the week. For people who like variety and dislike structure, this comes across as ridged. It's not. Everyday there's something different to eat. Each morning takes just 10 minutes of my time to pour, cook or prepare breakfast and 10-15 minutes to consume it, together. 

Table time is important, and it's helped carve in some peace each morning. We use the time to discuss goals or concerns or just be together without screaming. It hasn't eliminated chaos, but it has provided an oasis from it. I know we're eating healthier, and starting the day far less stressed. The change was small, the benefits have been huge, and have laid the groundwork for other positive habits.

If there's something in your life that you regularly dread, what can you do to ensure you no longer complain about it, but instead address with a positive change?

The Day Kevin Turtle Abandoned His Shell
A new short story, part of the "Think About It" series of guide books I'm publishing is now available on amazon.

The main character, a downtrodden businessman by the name of Kevin Turtle, started his day as he had started every other day for the last two years, by dreading to get up. Each morning he was faced with the same dilemma. How would he get done everything he felt he had to get done, knowing nearly none of it was what he wanted to get done? Grudgingly but dutifully he attend what he calls a Rah-Rah Conference, but is surprised when the speaker presents an alternative course.

This brief parable provides much needed tips on how to transform your wishes into actionable goals. I hope you'll enjoy it and share it and other titles with your friends and collegues.

The Day Kevin Turtle Abandoned His Shell; A Short Story to Transform Wishes into Work ("Think About it")
by Karl Bimshas by BimMedia
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2012-06-10

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