Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Please Ban My Books

I saw this article pass through my Facebook stream today, about a Catholic School Student who runs a secret banned books library from their locker. CLICK HERE TO READ

What struck me, besides the fact that it's sorta difficult to call something secret if I'm reading about it on the web, is the fact the people STILL think banning a book is an intelligent thing to do. Banning something is one of the best PR moves an author could hope for. It stimulates curiosity. We should all be so lucky.

Let's think back in history when banning books, or burning them to illustrate one's fear over the written word and expression of ideas has worked effectively. It doesn't. When you demonize something you don't understand you highlight your ignorance. It's weird to me that people still attempt to do it. 

It's also strange to me that kids are passing tangible books around, like they were in a ... what's that thing called .... where you can borrow books .... not Amazon's Netflix idea, that other thing ... oh yeah, a freaking library. A FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY which any one can visit (though in some cities it may be only open between 1pm and 2:45pm every other Tuesday).

Nearly every "classic" book can be found online, also for free. So what is it that causes kids to want to read, even it it's off of pages instead or a screen?

Adults who tell them they can't.

Adults who moan and groan about too much sex and violence on TV and in video games.

Tell them to read a book.

Adults have befuddled me my whole life. Sometimes I wish they would grow up.

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