Sunday, September 25, 2011

Writing Yet?

With October on the horizon many writers realize there’s less than 100 days left in the year. Maybe they better get started on something. Starting something is great. Finishing is better.

If you’ve got a writing goal make a clear distinction between your goals and your wishes. You don't want to catch wish-itis. Goals are concrete. They are specific, motivating, attainable, relevant and time based. Candidly, I think potentially unattainable is fine. I prefer the people who are over ambitious to those who are underwhelmed. Their hopes and dreams may end in disappointment, but at least they didn’t start that way. When you’re committed you can achieve more than you think.

Maybe you’re a procrastinator. That’s okay, but right now you need to write now. So schedule your procrastination time for later. Don’t wait for inspiration. Inspiration doesn't sit around all day hoping to be found. It does its thing with or without you. It doesn’t really care and it’s not thinking about you so stop wasting your time. If you should happen to meet, give it a happy hug like a little seen friend and keep writing.

To me, a writer without the means to write is like a non-writer with the means. So do whatever gyrations you need to do to before you write, then you’ve got to write. Until then, you're just thinking. Thinkers are great, but they don’t get things done. Doers get things done. 

Some writers become overwhelmed with ideas. Blessed with the curse of imagination they let them float by like dandelion seeds. Pluck a few ideas that strike you and plant them on the page or bury them in your notebook. After a week, see what blooms then use all your resources to nurture that. Let everything else become noise.

Still not writing? Try this formula: 
Day 1 - Write something.
Day 2 - Write more. 
Day 3 - Write better. 

Eschew the pseudo experts who tell you how to create. You know how. Now, you must do. 

Write often or little, 
Because you can 
Or because you must.
Write of silly things that move the world.
Or serious things that must be stopped.
Write to educate and entertain
Others or yourself.
Write for the pride that comes with seeing
Your writing on another’s shelf.
Write to record your feelings, thoughts or fears.
Write in a way that brings the stoics to tears.
Write because your gifted 
And you’ve a perspective to share.
Write the things that others would never dare.
Write. You need no more excuses.

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