Monday, September 19, 2011

The Goal Factory

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Can you imagine what you would feel like if six months from now, you achieved great strides in your goals?

Most people can't, so most people don't. Most people don't even have goals, and of the one's that do, most have too many.

People say they don't have enough time or money to achieve their goals. It's that kind of thinking that continues to keep them from their dreams.

Some people sabotage themselves. They do all the "right" things and then panic. What if they succeed? What would happen next? It freaks them out, so instead of one or two more steps toward greatness, they settle for mediocrity.

Think back six months ago. Did you have a great goal in mind? Did you think you would have achieved it by now? Maybe you nibbled at it, like a tentative child eying an unusual dessert, torn between wanting it because, well it's dessert, but hesitant because it looks different and someone might be trying to pull a fast one.

People are well intentioned. Most have great desires, but they stumble because, as John Lennon once sang, Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. That doesn't mean you should quit your goals. In fact, it should heighten your resolve.

Can you imagine something your yearning to achieve is so great that nothing can derail you from it?

Are you smirking with that distinctive grin that tips one corner of your mouth upward and makes your eyes sparkle?

I know you are because it's the look that people who share the same devilish secret can't hide. It's possibility, and passion and a hint of giddiness that makes you come alive each time you think of it. You've been found out and the thought of helping you find, set or get your goal is what makes me smirk.

I don't want people to be okay losing that feeling. I don't want people deferring their dreams any more. I want everyone to have a great goal of their own choosing and the confidence and resources to achieve it. That's why I'm excited to announce a new Accountability Partner driven program, "The Goal Factory."

It assembles several key components into an intensive goal creation process covering topics like:

  • Finding your next Great Goal through Goal Discovery

  • Conducting a Life Harmony Audit.

  • How to find and use your values to guide your vision

  • Acting with Purpose.

  • Making Your Great Goal Real.

CLICK HERE to Learn more about The Goal Factory, and if you're ready to find, set or get your next great goal, get in touch with me.

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