Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three Blinks and a Sigh

I am thrilled to announce the release date of my debut novel, Three Blinks and a Sigh
You may know that I’ve written several business and motivation books that have helped people to find, set and get their great goals and discover the aha within themselves. This novel, my first, is only a slight departure from that mission. Romantic, but not a romance, this story does have a few motivational gems buried within the pages.
What’s it about?
When a Boston poet tries to recover from his divorce and find romance, three women challenge his notion of love and force him to question his values.
An unexpected reunion with his ex-wife drives Ken Shea to explore his long held feelings and confront an old reality in a new light. The mesmerizing allure of his much younger online muse is suddenly tested when she arrives in town but stays with another man. And his blunt socialite friend and business partner attempts to educate him on the differences between his head and his heart.
If you read eBooks, I would be delighted if you bought this novel from Amazon. It will also be available via Barnes & Noble and iTunes in a few weeks. If you prefer to wait for a physical book, drop me a line and I’ll let you know when one will be available.
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