Friday, January 29, 2010

Complaining is Fun - Whiner21 (Day 5)


We all like to tell people how we’ve been wronged.  And if we haven’t been wronged badly enough we like to embellish it a little so everyone will know the pain we are feeling.  It makes us feel like champions or heroes, in our own mind at least.  Think about it.  When you hear other people complain about their situation, don’t you think of all the alternatives that person could have done to avoid their pain?  Don’t you think, even if just briefly, that they sound like a pathetic loser?

What do you regularly complain about?

You may feel like all the smart people have already left the organization.  Maybe some of them have just modified their attitudes to match their new circumstances.  Can you identify them?  Are they in your circle?  They need to be, so you better find them and quick, otherwise you truly are screwed.  They can be the lifeline that stops you from sinking any further.

Who are these people?  Try to identify five.

How are you going to spend more time with each of them?  Make the time now to plan your approach using the log below.

5 Smart People

Next up: “Beware the 3 Donkey Day”

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