Sunday, January 31, 2010

Don’t Blame It On Burnout When You’re the Arsonist - Whiner21 (Day 7)

ArsonHere we are, day 7 of my 21-day commitment to help you move from whiner to winner.  Adapted from my book, “How to Stay When you Want to Quit; Re-scripting your life from whiner to winner”, this series takes key pieces from that program.

For two more weeks I will continue to pose a series of questions, exercises and thought starters aimed at helping you, or someone you love to get over it and to start getting to work on something productive.

Please share your thoughts.  I’d love to hear how you’re doing.  Now let’s get into Day 7, “Don’t Blame It On Burnout When You’re The Arsonist”

You may think you’re burnt out, but don’t blame it on burnout when you’re the arsonist!  When you moan and groan to the people who are putting up with you and all your crap and say you’re feeling burnt out, it ticks them off because it’s a load of garbage.  As a human being you are capable of sustaining a lot of real pain and hardship.

You’re blessed with a brain that has the capacity to solve almost any problem set before it.  You are just being lazy.  You don’t want to hear it but at its core it’s true.

Sure it’s hard.  It’s like a bowl of leftover food you come across in the refrigerator.  Maybe you don’t like what you see, but you need to do something with it.  You’ve got choices.

  1. You can try to change it into something more palatable.

  2. You can choose to ignore it … for a little while anyway.

  3. Or you can choose to get rid of it.  Move on and find something else.

The same applies to you and your job.

Which do you choose?

Maybe you’re frustrated.  Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to do anything.  Some believe people are intrinsically motivated by one or more of three things.

  1. Personal growth and development,

  2. Enhancing an important relationship,

  3. or Working on something bigger than ourselves and leaving a legacy.

What motivates you?

If you need to get better control of your attitude, surrounding yourself with positive people is an obvious start.  Each morning it’s up to you.  You can wake up, drag yourself out of bed, look out the window and say, “Good Lord, it’s morning” or you can hop up, take a deep breath and say, “Good morning Lord.”

Next up: “Making a Positive Difference”

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