Monday, February 1, 2010

Making a Positive Difference - Whiner21 (Day 8)


As you begin to realize what it was that you had wanted to do in the first place, you may feel a growing frustration.  Perhaps you feel that the people around you are not moving fast enough.  They’re not making the same self-discoveries that you are and it is beginning to tick you off.

By now you should be convinced that if you continue to behave in the same glum manner you have been acting, you will build momentum and speed toward a much-deserved outcome.  Unfortunately, that outcome will probably not be a positive one.  You’re not doomed, but you need to change your approach toward the people you work with, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  As a start, in true servant-leadership fashion, you should begin to ask others, “What one thing can I do for you that will most help you make a positive difference?”

You see, you probably owe your coworkers more than you’ve been giving them.  You should ask a few questions of yourself first.  Once you know your own answers begin asking your coworkers’ one on one.  Honestly answering these questions will create a positive and proactive buzz, the likes of which you probably have not seen in quite a long time.  With that newfound energy you can then direct the momentum that will give you far greater odds of reaching a more satisfying destination.  In this activity your leadership – not your management, is crucial.  It is important to reflect on some biblical wisdom that the shepherd is there for the flock, not the other way around.

Next up: “Why Are You Still Here?”

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