Sunday, February 21, 2010

Find What's Right Day

It’s easy to find things that are not going well.  Alarms go off too early, cars don’t start, busses are missed, toast is burned, lines are too long, reports are missed, on and on.

We get what we look for thanks in part to the the brain’s gatekeeper, the Reticular Activating System  (RAS), the part of the brain that filters out noise and stimuli so we can function.  It’s why you notice things in the world that are important to you.  The parent who hears a baby gurgle in the next room, how you hear your name in a crowded room, or see your dream car on the highway.

Why don’t you spend the day testing your RAS and be on the lookout for everything that’s going right in your world.  From green lights, to unexpected checks in the mail, finding a good deal on a new suit, or accepting gracious complements on your hair.  Instead of being convinced you’ll be a victim of Murphy's Law, "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong", be determined to be a recipient of its opposite, “Anything that can go right will go right.”

Challenge yourself to find everything right in yourself and others.  This may be odd at first, because you may not do it very often.  Tomorrow, do it all day long.  Within a few hours you will notice things you never noticed before and it will lift your spirits and awareness.  Share what happens.

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