Friday, February 12, 2010

Overwhelming Optimism - Whiner21 (Day 19)


There must be a sense of overwhelming optimism.

The compelling vision is not only the day to day, here’s what we need to do and why, but the over arching, here is our place on earth, here’s our legacy, here’s the good that we wish to do.

Living that is what creates a legacy. Knowing that is what helps create positivism.

That positive approach has to be all-encompassing.  Tolerance of rampant apathy or negativism is a weakness.  If optimism is not visible in practice, alarms should sound and priority given to overcoming whatever the obstruction may be.

This does not forego the crucial role of devil’s advocate and challenging viewpoints -- but to leave negative feelings or remarks unchecked, even in the simplest day to day transactions, is to enable the contagion.  Counter the virus with positive encouragement and recognition. You don’t want to be Pollyanna with everything – that can be just as dangerous.  But negativity is an acid that corrodes everything.  It must be neutralized.

Are you more or less optimistic now than before you started this program?

How do you handle apathy or negativism when you encounter it?

(What more could you do?)

How do you recognize those who are positive?

Next up: “Meaningful Recognition”

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