Thursday, February 4, 2010

Check Your Vision - Whiner21 (Day 11)


If you’ve been doing the recommended exercises to this point, you’ve probably been hitting some emotions you didn’t know you still had and hopefully it’s been challenging and invigorating to you.  Hold on to that because you need to pay attention to those feelings and fight for what you need.

Lobby for change.  Be brave and run to things – not away from them.  Operate from a position of inner strength not external weakness.  You are better than the problem that is set before you.

If you’re still working through this you must still care and truly want to make a difference. Good for you!  Now, can you define it?  What is the difference you truly want to make?  You wont have to try hard; the answer is sitting right on the surface.  Something is spurring you on.  There’s a vision you have that is aching to be realized.  Now is the time to breathe some new life into it.

What lofty ideal do you want to achieve?  Don’t be put off by other people’s definition of lofty.  Your vision has to be seen through your eyes first.  Make it crystal clear.

Write down or draw your vision or picture of success.

Next up: “Crumbs and Spilled Drinks”

Tell me how it’s going for you.  Have you been following along these last few days or did you just stumble across this?  Are you scrambling to catch up or have these posts failed to resonate with you?  Share your comments, progress or tips on the blog, on the Karl Bimshas Consulting page on Facebook or on Twitter using the #whiner21 tag.

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