Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The 1st of the Four Musts - Whiner21 (Day 17)


The Four Musts are the things every organization, family or team need for optimal performance.  Now that you’re a winner your role is to act as curator for each of the “musts”.  The first must is about a leadership.

There must be a strong leader and strong, pervasive leadership.

Charisma is not leadership, although it can act as a helpful tool to quickly gain the acceptance of an audience.  Effective leaders share a passion for and a record of accomplishments.  Strong leadership is demonstrated daily by a person or a group of people who are honest, forthright, markedly visible and approachable.  Leaders fulfill their insatiable need to be out in front regularly.  When not actually walking on the frontlines then they talk with people who work there, both in “town hall” meetings and in one to one settings.  They remember that just as the shepherd is there for the benefit of the flock, leadership is there to serve the people and they take that responsibility seriously.

Do you have a passion for a record of accomplishment? What are your top three accomplishments right now?

How often do you talk to people who are on the front lines of your organization?

It’s one thing to talk like a leader – quite another to act like one.

Next up: “The Vision Thing”

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