Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review Where We’ve Been - Whiner21 (Day 16)


Let's take a moment to review where we've been so far, and notice how far you've already progressed.  The first thing you needed to do was to acknowledge and honor the change that was occurring around you.  You had to figure out how you were going to deal with it and learn how to get happy.  Once you identified that, you had to be prepared to defend and protect the things that made you happy.

Next, you needed to beware of the three-donkey day.  You learned that it was foolish to blame what you were going through on burnout when you were acting like an arsonist.  You had a choice.  You could change, ignore things for a little while, or move on, but you had to do something.  You rediscovered what motivates you and remembered the way you felt when you first got your job and why you wanted it in the first place.  And that it was up to you to choose your attitude and approach.

You needed to become less selfish so you began asking people, “What one thing can I do for you that will most help you make a positive difference?”  If you found people were being negative you started to challenge them, asking them why they were still doing what they were doing.  You figured out your learning style and began to identify in yourself, and others the places where you could begin to make the most positive impact; in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and profitable revenue growth.  You knew that talking about it was a good start, but not enough, so you built weekly action plans around each goal.

It’s crucial to set goals with measurements and timelines, accomplishing them without that is more luck than effort.

You learned that you needed to protect your people at all costs.  To improve their jobs, their outlook and in fact, their lives was one of your key roles.  You’ve learned to begin to run to things – not away from things.  You now understand that it’s better to operate from a position of strength – not weakness as you continue to identify your vision.  It makes sense that people like to follow people who are passionate and competent and because of that you continuously refine your strengths.

It wasn’t easy.  You had to consciously get optimistic and turn everything into an upside.  You trained yourself to find the pony in nearly every situation.  It helped a lot to list your ten best excuses for not doing something to see how foolish you were truly acting.

Now you’re ready to learn about The Four Musts.

Next up: “The 1st of the Four Musts”

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