Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ask for Help - Whiner21 (Day 13)


It may be time to start looking for something new – tap the network.  Ask for help.  People like helping people reach their goals.  Know your goal.

Goals are easy to find.  What things do you do at work that you enjoy?  Working with people?  Creating presentations?  Analyzing data?  Every time you find that passion, pay attention to yourself and see what you respond to.  Spend more time doing that. Describe how it feels.  Probably pretty darn good.  Enjoy it.  Relish it.  And do everything you can to repeat it.  Ignore, delegate or trade the rest if you can because it’s the passion-inducing moments that are going to give you your happiness and personal success.  People like to follow leaders who are passionate and competent so keep working on your skills and your strengths.

Don’t get lazy.  Just know your strengths.  Dig up any number of personal assessments or ask five people who you interact with daily what they think your strengths are.  Look for themes that are repeated and begin to focus on those things.  Refine your strengths.  Let the others atrophy – you weren’t built to do them anyway so don’t worry about them.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Next up: “Find the Upside”

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