Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fix What's Wrong - Whiner21 (Day 10)


It takes true commitment.  Doing “it” even if it’s hard or you don’t feel like it.  The world is filled with enough poor leaders who negatively affect the lives of other people.  You must keep your commitments to others at all costs.

This is about responsibility and applies to anyone who has formal or informal influence over a team of people.  As a leader, people depend on you.  Anyone you come in contact with – you affect or influence in some way.  If you are not totally and completely there, then those influences such as downsizing, or a corporate initiative that everyone knows is foolhardy, will get to them.  It will fester and resentment will grow and that would be catastrophic.

Do not let it happen!  Protect your people by any means required.  Focus on improving their jobs, outlook, and life.  If you’re lucky you’ll feel better about yourself too.  If not, well at least you’re not the dead weight dragging everyone else down.

You might be so completely apathetic as to have adopted the, “so what, I don’t care, what difference does it make?” attitude.  That might be one of your problems.  It’s important that you find something to start to care about.  To know that you, can make a difference – and in fact it’s your human responsibility.

When something is wrong and you know it’s wrong or there is a direct or indirect assault to your values, beliefs, mission, goals or people, you need to fight back.  Do what is right even if it’s not correct.  Find a role – make a difference.  Don’t complain – express.  Take a stand.

Next up: “Check Your Vision”

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