Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meaningful Recognition - Whiner21 (Day 20)


There must be a regular diet of meaningful recognition.

Positive reinforcement, thanks and praise are the nutritional components of a healthy workforce, the helium that lifts the organizational balloon to new heights.  It is a currency that many organizations are afraid of spending; yet its value can be limitless.  Without it, or withholding it until the perfect moment, can result in at worst, a bankruptcy of human potential, and at best, leave people with a feeling of emotional deficiency.

All people want to do a good job, regardless of which motivations they declare to be driven by; the rewards of learning new experiences, enhancing important relationships or legacy building, people will respond to those who notice what they have already contributed with even greater performance.

It’s amazing.  Many times people think about thanking people for a job well done – but thinking is not the same as doing it. The best of intentions are still only intentions.  To make an impact you must actually do something.

Make a plan and recognize people for the good things they're doing.

Recognition Plan

Next up: “Final Thoughts”

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