Sunday, February 14, 2010

Final Thoughts - Whiner21 (Day 21)

Karl_Jan 2010

Here we are at Day 21!

For the last three weeks I posed a series of questions, exercises and thought starters aimed at helping you get over yourself and get working on something productive.

I’m sure you found concepts that can apply to virtually any job and any position in any organization.  Maybe it gave you some thought starters to begin moving your mind in a more positive direction.

My intention of these last 21 days was to help inspire others to maximize their strengths and continuously improve themselves and their organization or society, by bringing the powers of vision, passion and action.  I believe in some way doing so can help positively energize our nation and contribute to greater peace, prosperity, fun, understanding, responsibility and liberty in the world.

Now it’s up to you.  It’s time to put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your career and your life and begin pursuing the dreams, hopes, and aspirations that you’ve been moaning about all this time.  People believe in you.  I believe in you.  Now, believe in yourself and get to work.

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