Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, You Wanna Be A Star - Whiner21 (Day 4)

Gold Star

Sometimes you come across people who feel that what they’re doing is just a job.  They don’t feel like they get enough, and in fact they often think they’re owed something.  Their job is a mismatch for them. The person should go away because they bring low value to the team.  They are a Greatness Inhibitor.

Some people wish things could be better.  They want to help.  They may not love what they’re doing but it pays the bills and they at least have some ambition. They’ve have had moments of greatness and liked how it felt.  These people should place themselves where they can make the greatest contribution, because right now they’re of moderate value to the team, but they are Potential Stars.

If you want to make dramatic improvements start hanging around the people who see possibility.  They often problem-solve away from work and have a mutual feeling that their job enriches a part of their life and part of their life enriches the job.  Begin to imitate them because they are rare and are the needed leaders. They feel obligated to continue to perform and enrich themselves and others.  They are highly valued Stars in the organization.

Review the Value Matrix below.  Which one best describes where you are today? What are you going to do to progress through the Value Matrix to ensure you stay or become a highly valuable star?

[caption id="attachment_203" align="aligncenter" width="562" caption="Value Matrix"]Value Matrix[/caption]

Next up: “Complaining is Fun”

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