Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Did You Get To Be So Awesome?

Having a vision of success is only part of the equation of achievement; unfortunately it’s where too many people stop.  They can see what they want so clearly that it hurts.  Yearnings are fine because they move us forward.  It’s a different story if the vision we set for ourselves leads to feelings of regret or depression because we’ve not achieved them fast enough.

Some wonder what they’re doing wrong, and why things never seem to work out for them.  As a result, despondent people give up on their vision.  What they should be doing is asking better questions.  Keep your vision.  I’d argue, the wilder the better.

If you created your own vision then you know deep within you’re able to achieve it.  Today, assume you already have and then figure out how you did it by asking “Forward Reflective Questions” like, “Why am I so successful?”  “How did I earn so much money?”  or “Where did I find this wonderful person?”  As with your goal setting, be as specific as you can in your reflection.

Do you think if you ask questions like these you’re lying to yourself?  You might not FEEL successful yet, so how could you ask such a question?  It’s easy.  Because like Michelangelo’s David, the person you want to be is already in there, you just need to get rid of the things that aren’t serving you anymore.  The baggage that someone else unloaded on you and you’ve been carrying all these months or years.

Our mind is a powerful solution-seeking machine.  It likes to find answers.  So if you question why you’re a failure, you’ll get answers and you won’t like them.  It’s better to question why you are a success in whatever you choose to pursue.  The answers to those questions may also surprise you and they will unlock a way of thinking that will bring you closer to your vision with greater speed.

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