Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Daily Focus Sheet

[caption id="attachment_157" align="alignleft" width="284" caption="The Daily Focus Sheet"]The Daily Focus Sheet[/caption]

Daily Focus Sheet

Need to keep focus on what’s important to you?  Plan your day and reflect on what you’ve done.

Here’s a free worksheet to help you out.  Beginning tonight, think about your main purpose or goal for tomorrow and the week ahead and jot it down.  Then list ten things you need to do that will bring you closer to that goal.

Before you go to bed tonight, or first thing in the morning, brainstorm ideas to improve a challenge you’re facing.  Remember in brainstorming there are no rules; write out anything even if it seems ridiculous.  It’s the ideas after those ones that will be truly creative.  That’s why it’s important to come up with at least ten.  If you’re lucky, two of them might actually be pretty good.

During the course of the day strive to be more pleasant.  Make it a goal to make ten compliments to other people.  It could be for a job well done or shoes well shined.  People want to hear from you.

Finally, at the close of the day, list ten things you’re grateful for.  Fall asleep in that state of gratitude.  Make copies of this worksheet and try if for a week then tell me how you feel.

(Click above or HERE to get to the Daily Focus Sheet)

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