Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Defending Your Happy Place - Whiner21 (Day 3)

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If you’ve given it some thought and paid close attention to your emotions, you’ll eventually find your happy place. This place or thing is going to become a major touchstone for you.  It is going to be able to bring a smile across that sourpuss face of yours.  You’re going to do your daydreaming about this place.  It will spur you into action and ultimately get you through the day.

Your sanctuary may be as large as your home, or perhaps it’s a favorite seat at the local coffee shop.  It might be a stretch of beach or a particular bench in the park. If you haven’t identified it, now is the time to find your happy place, your peaceful spot, somewhere to contemplate life.

Maybe it’s not a concrete place for you.  It might be time.  Time spent with family and friends, or reading a book or painting.  Either way – it’ll fill a spot in your heart and you’ll need to nurture it with strong love, time and appreciation.  Know your happy place, it’s there you’ll find a sense of peace, happiness and excitement.  That’s why you need to nurture it, to make it strong enough to defend itself in your absence.

What or where is your happy place?

Next up: “So, You Wanna Be A Star”

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